Charles Ryan Horswell
Charles Ryan Horswell was born in Vancouver, Canada, in 1978. He now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Charles completed his Bachelor of Visual Arts at Adelaide Centre for the Arts in South Australia 2017. As a printmaker Charles has exhibited in several group shows in various venues in Adelaide. His first solo show titled "This is not real life" was held in October 2017.
Charles' multi-layered prints show his interest in the urban landscape and the human condition. With 10 years working in the adult industry running one of Adelaide's top adult boutiques, Charles has a keen interest in human sexuality and this interest is often reflected in his art practice.
 "I have always been interested in what goes on behind closed doors. I am fascinated by people’s secret behaviours, the things that they keep hidden from their public personas. Now more than ever things that were once kept private are becoming public. How long before the concept of privacy ceases to exist? How long before we can no longer keep a secret?"

  1. Slut
    Screen Print
  2. This is not real life
    This is not real life
    Screen print
  3. Ram
    Screen Print